Close gaps in care and improve patient outcomes

Ash Wellness makes it easy for health plans to close care gaps with personalized at-home testing programs. Our end-to-end platform closes multiple gaps in care with a single solution.

Close gaps in care and improve patient outcomes


Ash Wellness is on a mission to make healthcare more inclusive and accessible by disrupting the legacy lab model.

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Why Ash?

Our suite of services lets health plans launch tailored at-home testing programs to improve member outcomes, identify risk determinants, boost quality scores, and increase revenue.

Benefits of the Ash platform




Drive better health outcomes

Engage plan members with a personalized user journey that deliver the right message at the right time to increase kit return rates.

Drive better health outcomes by engaging plan members with personalized user journeys
Boost quality scores

Improve HEDIS and Star Ratings with custom testing programs for population screening in all 50 states.

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Improve HEDIS and Star ratings with custom testing programs

Create custom testing programs 

Build a personalized testing program based on population segmentation, geography, and customer preferences.

Build custom testing programs based off of your population.
Choose end-to-end management

Rely on the team of Ash experts to manage the entire at-home testing workflow. Avoid hiring another in-house resource and focus on the results.

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Ash provides end-to-end management for your workflow.

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