10 Questions with Eva Marsh, Patient Experience Manager at Ash

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10 Questions with Eva Marsh, Patient Experience Manager at Ash

Eva Marsh

We met with Patient Experience Manager Eva Marsh to discuss crocs, sexual health education, and working at Ash Wellness.

Get to know our Patient Experience Manager, Eva Marsh!

Coffee or tea?

I’m a coffee babe until I’m jittery or feel ill, and then I switch to tea. 

What is your career background?  

I worked as a sex educator in Delaware for years. My team was hired by different community locations to teach about body autonomy and consent. The experience affirmed my passion for sexual healthcare. I also worked in gender-affirming care at Planned Parenthood of Delaware. I found my way to Ash after I got my MEd in Sexuality Education and MSW at Widener

What type of music do you listen to while you work?

I have a playlist called ‘Daddy-Core’ that is musicians like Kim Petras, Ashnikko, REI AMI, and Brooke Candy, which I do most things to—working, walking, cooking. I also like pop music, and especially any song with lots of whistling or clapping. 

What is an opinion you feel strongly about?

Crocs are hot and all cars should have eyelashes. 

What is something you have changed your mind about?

I like sports now—especially the Philadelphia Flyers. I think it’s beautiful when a large group of people are collectively excited about something. I also adore sporting snacks and event foods like the soft serve that comes in a baseball cap at a Phillies game. 

Eighteen dollars for ice cream, but so worth it. 

What is your favorite place to travel?

Santa Cruz, California. My extended family owns a gorgeous farm with avocado trees and orange trees in every direction. I love watching seals and whales at the cliffs by the ocean.

Who do you admire?

Everybody that I know! I am so proud of every single person in my community. Everyone is compassionate and thoughtful and wants to show care. I learn from all of them. 

What does a good day at work look like for you?

I open my laptop and the inbox is relatively low and I don’t have too many meetings, so I have time to work on my larger projects. I love making resources and thinking about the patient experience. I get to make something tangible to improve the experience of patients. It’s also beautiful to take a little stroll and get a coffee.

What project at Ash are you most proud of?

Patient resources! Patient FAQs and support resources in our Patient Portal. It’s so important to me that patients get the information they need to advocate for themselves. 

Who else at Ash do you want to shout out? 

Lab Network Manager Divya Bharadwaj for sure! Head of Operations Jack Hildick-Smith and Head of Client Success Zofia Mita, too. These are the people I work most closely with. We all care about patients at Ash, but these teams are truly always thinking about the communities we reach. They motivate me to come to work every day. There is so much heart and thought about who we work with and for.

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