5 Ways Ash Wellness Can Help Grow Your Business

At-Home Diagnostic Testing

5 Ways Ash Wellness Can Help Grow Your Business

Mari Pack

Ash Wellness makes it easy for our partners to grow with at-home diagnostic testing. We conduct all the back-end work to onboard and maintain remote diagnostic testing for digital health companies, public health institutions, university healthcare systems, and traditional medical institutions like hospitals and clinics. We make it possible for businesses to bill through insurance, avoid testing bottlenecks with our in-house lab API, expand their brand through white-labeled kits and communications, onboard over 120 verified tests, and access our pre-built CLIA/CAP certified network of labs. Check out the details on how Ash Wellness can help grow your business: 

1. Reach more patients with insurance and Medicare/Medicaid in 46 states

At Ash Wellness, we believe in inclusive and accessible healthcare for all. That’s why we integrated with major insurance providers — as well as Medicare and Medicaid in 46 states — to allow businesses to bill patients and customers through insurance. Without insurance, at-home diagnostic testing can be prohibitively expensive for some users. Digital health companies who partner with Ash Wellness can access more customers with a lower price point. Traditional medical institutions, meanwhile, can usher users through a complete telehealth cycle, and bill more patient health codes. Public health institutions can access harder-to-reach communities with greater access. 

2. Scale and maintain fast processing speeds with our in-house API 

An API is an automated set of rules and conventions that allow computer systems to interact with one another. Digital health businesses and healthcare systems need APIs to send healthcare information. Usually, companies who want to run diagnostics have to integrate with multiple lab APIs in order to offer a wide range of testing services. Ash Wellness built our own API, which coordinates with multiple lab APIs to provide access to over 120 diagnostic tests without the hassle of multiple integrations. This allows our partners to quickly connect with our network of labs and process tests at a national level. 

Our API also solves a bottleneck issue for companies and healthcare systems that want to scale. Individual labs have small APIs, which can’t push that much volume. They still need manual intervention from a lab tech or patient/customer to input data. The Ash Wellness API is automated, which allows companies to easily expand fast.  

3. Offer a seamless brand experience with white-labeled kits, communications, and digital portal 

Ash Wellness provides the back-end functionality to onboard remote diagnostics, but test kits, communications materials, and digital portal are all white-labeled to reflect your brand. When your patients and customers engage with services powered by the Ash Wellness solution, they encounter a seamless brand experience. End-users never have to know you work with us (unless you want them to!) and your company reaps all the benefits of having an expert partner in home diagnostics. 

4. Expand with 120+ at-home diagnostic tests for patients and customers 

Access over 120 at-home tests to help diagnose patient health issues or, in the case of some digital health companies, partner with products. These tests are already verified and ready to ship to patients and customers. Ash Wellness offers hormone, cancer, allergy, STI testing and more. Customers and patients can self-collect blood, stool, urine, and saliva (as well as vaginal, oral and rectal swabs for STI testing) with best-in-class collection kits. We’ve supplied self-collection tests to hospital systems, clinics, PrEP testing partners, skincare companies, and more. For a complete list of tests offered by Ash Wellness, including multi-site tests, schedule a time to chat with us here

5. Access our pre-built CLIA/CAP certified network of labs

In addition to our secure API, Ash Wellness has a network of certified CLIA/CAP labs ready to use. According to the FDA, “The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulate laboratory testing and require clinical laboratories to be certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before they can accept human samples for diagnostic testing.” Each lab we work with has one or more CLIA certificates, based on the kinds of diagnostic tests they conduct, which allows Ash Wellness to process many types of tests at a national level. Offer at-home diagnostic testing immediately without the burden of building your own certified lab network network.  

Ash Wellness is a trusted partner that helps businesses grow. To learn more about how we can support your company, schedule a time to talk

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