Ash Wellness Featured in DHNY 10 Startups to Watch

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Ash Wellness Featured in DHNY 10 Startups to Watch

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Ash Wellness is thrilled to announce a feature alongside the New York Digital Health 100! Digital Health New York (DHNY) highlighted us in the 2023 New York Healthcare Innovation Report in a new category for promising newcomers: 10 Startups to Watch

“We recognize that 2022 was a reset year and forecasts for 2023 are not particularly sanguine,” says Bunny Ellerin, CEO of DHNY. “Funding is down, the market is challenging and unpredictable, and people are nervous. But there is still room for optimism. We are gratified to see significant focus on making meaningful changes to the way we consume and deliver healthcare.”

In addition to publishing the New York Digital Health 100, the annual New York Healthcare Innovation Report highlights market conditions, investment potential, and trends. 

Find highlights of top healthcare innovators in the NY in the 2023 Healthcare Innovation Report from DHNY.

“We’re honored to be featured by DHNY,” says David Stein, CEO of Ash Wellness. “Ash grew at a rapid pace in 2022, and as a result, had to scale our at-home diagnostic infrastructure and operations to meet demand. Learning which part of the remote testing process requires support in the form of operations or technology is one of our greatest market differentiators. Our team is grateful to have that hard work acknowledged by the New York health community.” 

In 2022, Ash Wellness signed contracts with digital health companies like Caraway Health, Noula, and Hey Freya, as well as public health institutions like Fulton County Board of Health

At-home diagnostics has become a more significant part of telehealth in the post-COVID era. It has been embraced by the CDC and government entities as an additional tool for medical and public health professionals to gather data and serve patient populations, as well as allowing patients to better manage their own healthcare, rather than a replacement or overhaul of current healthcare processes. 

We are proud to share our title with 9 other seed stage newcomers, including Conceive and ComeBack Mobility.

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