Why Ash Wellness is Building a Provider of Record API


Why Ash Wellness is Building a Provider of Record API

Nick Sempere

Nick Sempere co-launched Ash Wellness in 2019 as our VP of Engineering. We sat down with Nick to learn more about why Ash Wellness is building our own Provider of Record API.  

What is an API?

An API is an automated set of rules and conventions that allow a set of computer systems to interact with one another. We have an awesome blog outlining our Lab Testing API here

What is a Provider of Record API?

The Provider of Record API automates our Provider of Record process. When a customer orders an at-home diagnostic test through a digital health company portal, someone with clinical expertise approves it. This provider will vet test appropriateness based on factors like age, medical history, and sex assigned at birth. 

Why are we building it? 

We already offer Provider of Record services, but we’re creating this new API to increase capacity. We want our clients to be able to scale with testing-partnered products fast. The Provider of Record API will allow us to expand services and improve timelines for approvals. 

How does this API impact regulatory requirements? 

Some states have state-specific requirements. New York, for example, requires a patient-provider relationship to order an at-home diagnostic test. With our new API, providers can approve fast, but also better engage with customers, flag abnormal results, and reach out to customers with sensitive test results. We were always in compliance with state requirements, but the Provider of Record API lets us take the extra step to involve providers further. 

Who will use the Provider of Record API?

The Provider of Record API will be most useful for digital health companies who need a clinician to approve at-home diagnostic tests for their test-paired products. We can also work with companies who do their own kitting, and only require clinical approval. Clients like hospitals and clinics usually use their own providers to order tests.

What are the challenges?

It took a lot of time to map the overall flow for a given kit. We asked a lot of questions. What events trigger others? When should people get results? This build prompted a major rethink. Now, when a customer orders an at-home diagnostic testing kit, a clinician always approves the order before that kit is sent out.  

How will it improve at-home testing for our clients?

In general, the Provider of Record API will help our clients scale fast with radical compliance in all states in which they operate. It will give providers the ability to better interact with customers and to support their wellbeing.  

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