Making inclusive and accessible healthcare a reality for all

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Expanding quality

We envision a future in which healthcare is inclusive and accessible to all folks--the key to this future lies in expanding current remote care. Ash enables healthcare providers and businesses to seamlessly integrate at-home care into their offering.

Core to this vision is our end-to-end remote diagnostics platform that not only personalizes care to empower folks to own their health, but provides the infrastructure needed for swift and secure operation. We take care of your at-home care.

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Our Story

Ash was founded in December of 2019 at Cornell Tech, where founders David, Kyle, Mio, and Nick were serendipitously brought together with a common desire to improve the healthcare experience for all folks. As a mostly queer founding team, they personally knew what it was like to feel excluded from and judged by traditional healthcare systems.

With a firm belief in empowering folks to take care of their health through education, they decided to come up with a solution to improve accessibility and inclusivity of healthcare not only by creating the infrastructure for at-home care that any provider could use, but by using education and outreach to bring previously overlooked patients into the cycle of care. Ash is rapidly becoming a leader in expanding at-home care by working with existing providers and businesses to provide healthcare to all.

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David Stein (he/him)
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Kyle Waters (he/him)
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Mio Akasako (she/her)
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Nick Sempere (he/him)
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Who is Ash?

Ash is your friendly retired neighbor with the ever-excitable dog. Ash is the cashier at the bagel shop you frequent every weekend. Ash is your non-binary friend you met at the bar and still get drinks with. Ash is you, and for you.

‘Ash’ is a gender neutral name we gave our company to symbolize our mission of creating a healthcare system that serves as a safe space for everyone--regardless of gender identity, socioeconomic status, age, or ability. Everyone deserves quality healthcare and Ash was created to deliver it.

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