Medication adherence on your terms

Improve accessibility and adherence to medications like PrEP through easy at-home collection.

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How it works

Provider orders test

The provider orders an at home test for the patient using their preferred EHR.


Patient self tests at home

The patient collects samples in the comfort of their own home and sends them to the lab for processing.


Lab processes results

The lab processes the samples within 1-2 days. We send the provider the results via their preferred method.


Provider follows up

The provider follows up with the patient and determines next steps.

Continue the cycle of care

Integration without hassle into your patient care flow

Ash Wellness boosts adherence to medications that require routine testing (like PrEP or lithium) by incorporating at-home diagnostics into your primary care offerings. We integrate with your preferred EHR to enhance — never disrupt — physician care flow.

Designed with your patients in mind

Our kits arrive with written and video instructions, and our support team assists patients and providers to ensure accurate, timely results.

Use case

Keep more patients on PrEP

Ash Wellness is the partner of choice for clinics and hospitals seeking to increase PrEP adherence. Our at-home system offers at-risk patients a non-disruptive telehealth alternative to in-person laboratory visits.

Submit HIV, STIs, creatinine, and other relevant self-collection tests to patients every three months, and review in-portal to ensure medical compliance on PrEP.

Use case

Chart hormone levels for thyroid medication 

A physician seeks to test thyroid function in a patient taking thyroid drugs to ensure regulatory compliance. She orders a self-test from Ash Wellness to the patient’s home every six months to check hormone levels. The patient self-collects a sample at home and submits it to lab by mail. Both patient and physician review results in the online portal. The physician adjusts medication as necessary and recommends follow-up care. 

Let us turn on at home testing for your community

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