Make routine primary care testing easy for everyone

Improve telehealth offerings by collecting at-home samples with seamless CLIA/CAP certified lab integration.

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How it works

Provider orders test

The provider orders an at home test for the patient using their preferred EHR.


Patient self tests at home

The patient collects samples in the comfort of their own home and sends them to the lab for processing.


Lab processes results

The lab processes the samples within 1-2 days. We send the provider the results via their preferred method.


Provider follows up

The provider follows up with the patient and determines next steps.

Continue the cycle of care

We integrate at-home diagnostics into your current care offerings

Ash Wellness manages all operational logistics and HIPAA-compliant lab coordination to expand billable telehealth offerings for primary care. Our system includes EHR integration to build on current care flows.

Convenient routine screening processes for both you and your patient

Serve your patients with at-home self-collection services, complete with written and video instructions, and Ash Wellness support team assistance. Decrease the burden of routine screening for both you and your patients.

Use case

Expand primary care for disabled patients

A physician seeks to expand her telehealth practice to better serve disabled or disenfranchised patients. After an initial telehealth consultation with a patient, she orders a panel of tests from Ash Wellness to the patient’s home.

The patient self-collects samples and submits them to the lab by mail. Both patient and physician review results in an online portal. The physician provides additional follow-up care through telehealth.

Let us turn on at home testing for your community

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