What's happening at Ash? 2023 Product Road Map

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What's happening at Ash? 2023 Product Road Map

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If you’re familiar with Ash Wellness, you know we’re on a mission to make healthcare more inclusive and accessible by decreasing barriers to care within the current legacy lab model, which relies on outdated in-person care flows to treat patient populations. Clients who choose our platform can ship premium white-label test kits, access our CLIA/CAP certified national lab network, onboard provider of record services in all 50 states, and integrate with our secure lab testing API. 

Get your test program up and running in a matter of weeks. 

Our team is dedicated to further improving at-home diagnostic testing programs with a slew of incredible new tools in 2023. Clients will now have easy access to more patient data, allowing them to track and improve kit return rates, as well as two new quick-launch portals to manage remote programs with minimal in-house lift. 

Read on for details on what products to expect from Ash Wellness in 2023. 

Kit Notifications 

We already offer kit notifications as of 2022 — a message to our clients when a kit order goes out and when the lab receives the kit — but our new, enhanced kit notifications track more crucial endpoints in the patient journey. These additional points allow clients to better manage their patient funnel, and helps them understand where opportunities for success are. 

Ash kit notifications now report:

1. Online kit registration 

2. Sample submission in the mail

4. Sample arrival at the lab

5. Lab accessions a kit

6. Test result

If, for example, 99 percent of kits arrive at patient homes, but only 40 percent of those kits are resulted, clients can track notifications to troubleshoot potential failures at every point in their program. Where do patients drop off in the flow? (Schedule a meeting to hear more about how the Ash platform motivates higher kit return rates.) 

Clients can also use kit notifications to enhance patient engagement by alerting users with SMS or email at every step in the testing process: “Your kit is on the way!” “Check your email. Test results are ready.” These UX details can greatly enhance patient flow, improving access to healthcare and the overall success of client testing programs. 

Patient Portal

While some Ash clients prefer to use their own in-house patient portal, others want a ready-to-go version. We now offer a user-friendly, white-labeled digital portal that patients can use to view their test results online, access additional care information, and communicate directly with providers and digital health companies. One of our clients, Fulton County Board of Health in Atlanta, used their patient portal to offer additional online resources around STIs and HIV to those accessing relevant test results

Ash offers and continually updates a patient portal where patients can view test results and communicate with providers directly.

The patient portal is especially useful for smaller public health entities and startups with limited bandwidth, who might not have tools to build a product like this from scratch. Their patients can still access test results and view collection videos (provided by Ash) and other materials. The flexibility of a white-label patient portal allows clients to maintain brand characteristics, too.

Client Portal

The client portal is the main UX tool for partners to interface with the Ash platform. It’s a digital ‘control room’ where clients can replace missing kits, review test results, and manage their patient portal all in one place. Clients who rely on government funding, like public health entities, can utilize available data for grant requirements. While much of this data is already available through Ash client support, the portal allows clients to access it on their own dashboard.

The Ash Wellness client portal allows clients to replace missing kits, review test results, and manage patients all in one place.

You might already know that the Ash platform eliminates bottleneck issues associated with rapid growth rates. Individual labs often have small APIs that aren’t designed to push out the volume necessary to scale test programs, but we built our platform to integrate with a large lab network that processes 150+ types of at-home diagnostic tests across the United States. With the client portal, our clients can select multiple Ash lab partners throughout the country, and control what percentage of tests are processed in each lab. 

Learn more about Ash products.

How Ash can support your at-home diagnostic testing program in 2023

Our goal is to make at-home diagnostic testing programs even more successful in 2023 and beyond with self-service products, empowering our clients to maintain stellar relationships with their patients. The Ash platform allows clients to offer a full remote telehealth cycle — no in-person phlebotomy! — and eliminates many barriers to accessing healthcare, such as lack of transportation or fear of stigma with in-person providers. 

In addition to enhanced kit notifications and patient and client portals, the Ash platform is a guaranteed solution for digital health companies, traditional medical institutions, university health, and public health entities to switch on at-home diagnostic testing programs across the United States. Our kits are shipped within 24 hours of receiving an order, and once a patient sample is submitted, lab results can appear in-portal within 3-5 days. 

While not available right away, we plan to roll out additional accessible tools in the near future — multiple language options for non-English speakers as well as assistive technology like screen readers for the visually impaired for all our digital products to ensure equal access to healthcare on our platform. Watch this space for product updates throughout 2023!

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