Simplify population health

Reduce chronic care costs with affordable and efficient population testing.

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How it works

Provider orders test

The provider orders an at home test for the patient using their preferred EHR.


Patient self tests at home

The patient collects samples in the comfort of their own home and sends them to the lab for processing.


Lab processes results

The lab processes the samples within 1-2 days. We send the provider the results via their preferred method.


Provider follows up

The provider follows up with the patient and determines next steps.

Continue the cycle of care

We help launch massive
preventive healthcare initiatives

Ash Wellness provides technical and operational infrastructure to reach at-risk populations for diseases like hepatitis, HIV, and STIs. Our in-house physicians confirm at-home tests for businesses, health departments, and insurance providers.

We do all the heavy lifting
for your practice

As your trusted partners, we ensure your testing pipeline operates seamlessly. Reduce costs and improve healthcare outcomes for patients with large-scale population diagnostics through at-home care.

Use case

Implement large-scale HIV preventative care

An insurance provider identifies a population at high-risk for contracting HIV — men who have sex with men (MSM). The provider decides to pursue early detection initiatives to reduce long-term care costs and orders HIV self-tests to patients from Ash Wellness.

Test orders are reviewed and confirmed by an Ash Wellness in-house physician. The at-risk population then self-collects samples on blood cards and submits to the lab. The provider connects relevant patients to follow-up care.

Let us turn on at home testing for your community

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