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Our white-label platform enables digital health companies to leverage existing payor and employer relationships to improve economics. Launch national programs with the market leader in at-home self-testing.

Laungh testing for digital health companies with Ash Wellness.


Ash Wellness is on a mission to make healthcare more inclusive and accessible by disrupting the legacy lab model.

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Why Ash?

Our platform allows digital health companies to launch national programs and expand white-label telehealth services with tools to incentivize and track customers through the complete remote care flow.

Integrate at-home diagnostics for new benefits




Drive revenue

Incentivize patients to complete medication adherence requirements at home or work within value based care models to prove outcomes. 

Drive revenue by incentivizing patients to complete medication adherence requirements.
Offer convenience

Allow patients to perform tests and monitor health markers without visiting a healthcare facility. Eliminate barriers to care for shift workers, parents, people without transportation, and other hard-to-reach demographics by allowing them to complete required tests at home.

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Offer convenience by allowing patients to performe tests and monitor health markers from home.

Customize care flows

Tailor recommendations, interventions, and products based on personalized testing insights and health data. Engage with patients and build product-centered care flows to grow beyond flagship services.

Tailor recommendations based on personalized testing insights.

Choose from popular care flows 

FIT colorectal cancer screening test
GLP-1s and weight management
Use remote diagnostics to track patient reactions to GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic. Results provide a framework for providers to wean patients off GLP-1s after health targets are reached, reducing overall costs.
FIT colorectal cancer screening test
Diabetes programs 
HbA1c testing helps providers screen for diabetes and measure the success of diet and lifestyle initiatives. Monitoring average blood glucose levels can help reduce the risk of long-term complications of diabetes, such as nerve damage, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.
FIT colorectal cancer screening test
PrEP testing 
Self-collection testing enables patients to complete PrEP medication adherence requirements that screen for HIV every quarter and Creatinine every six months.
FIT colorectal cancer screening test
Allergy testing
Use allergy test kits as part of an initiative to market specialized health and wellness products. Choose from food and environmental allergens. 
HbA1c custom whitelabeled kit
Hormone screening 
Remote hormone screening keeps patients in a remote care flow and enables digital health companies to market fertility, skincare, and other wellness products. 
KED kidney function test
Heart health
Remote heart health panels help catch early cardiovascular problems to reduce overall costs for health plans and patients. 

How Noom engages patients with Ash Wellness

Noom is a digital healthcare company empowering people to live better, longer lives. Noom connects people to content, coaching, community, and clinicians to improve whole-person health. Noom uses white-label kits from Ash Wellness to screen customers for metabolic health, heart health, liver and kidney function, and food sensitivities. Noom customers order kits in-app through NoomShop and on Amazon to learn how these factors contribute to overall health. The Ash platform keeps patients in an expanded Noom care flow and enables Noom to grow beyond its flagship services. 

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