How does at-home PrEP testing work?

At-Home Diagnostic Testing

How does at-home PrEP testing work?

Mari Pack

Public health departments, digital health companies, and community based organizations can support at-risk individuals with at-home PrEP services and remote HIV testing. 

What is at-home PrEP testing?

At-home PrEP testing is a remote diagnostic solution to test for HIV in PrEP users every quarter and Creatinine every six months as part of medication adherence requirements. 

How can public health departments utilize at-home diagnostic testing to support PrEP users and others at-risk for HIV?

Public health departments and community based organizations can support PrEP users with at-home diagnostic testing services to test for HIV status and kidney function. They can use these same diagnostic tools to test communities at-risk for HIV. First, they can send HIV self-collection kits to zip codes with high or growing rates of HIV. Second, they can make at-home test kits available at local health centers. Third, they can work with a third party like Ash Wellness to develop an online portal for individuals to order test kits online.  

What are the benefits of at-home PrEP testing?

Only two in five people keep taking PrEP two years after starting. At-home PrEP testing makes PrEP usage more accessible, especially for individuals without easy access to traditional healthcare services. (This includes shift workers, parents, and anyone who struggles to visit a lab in person.) At-home testing expands telehealth options for HIV care in a big way.

PrEP use has increased 73% in the United States since 2012. Remote HIV testing and PrEP maintenance services help public health departments and community based organizations serve these individuals and meet grant obligations

How does an individual take an at-home PrEP test?

PrEP users test for HIV at home using a Dried Blood Spot (DBS) card mailed to their house. 

Individuals blot a prick of capillary blood onto five 13 millimeter circles. The blood dries in a fibrous matrix, and the patient ships the card to a CLIA/CLIQ certified telemedicine lab, where technicians punch out the five circles and extract target analytes with a liquid solvent. Technicians analyze the patient samples to determine results. A physician reviews results (ready 3-5 days after self-collection) and follows up with the PrEP user to prescribe additional care as necessary. 

DBS card testing is also used to test Creatinine levels in PrEP users to determine kidney function. 

How can my company or organization work with Ash Wellness to offer at-home PrEP and HIV testing? 

Book an appointment to learn how our end-to-end solution can help you meet grant requirements, pair with products, reach end-users, and more. 

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